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Byline: 3 Ways Women Can Stand Out in a Crowded Industry

An excerpt from an article by Angela Capon, Vice President of Marketing at EdgeConneX, published in Data Center Knowledge:

The data center industry is surging in growth, with its market size valued at 215.8 billion USD in 2021 and expected to rise to 288.3 billion USD by 2027, as reported by Aritzon’s recent market research report. In contrast, Uptime Institute found that one in four data center operators don’t have women as part of their design, build, and operations staff. Uptime Institute also reports that the proportion of women working in the data center industry increased by 30% in 2021, showing that women are interested in the field.

Software developers solving a problemHowever, 32% of women surveyed in Skillsoft’s Women in Tech report said there isn’t sufficient training in the industry. So, once they’re in the space, training, development, and support are reported to be lacking.

Are companies that have and believe in their diversity and inclusion missions sufficiently supporting their staff with the right people, resources, and opportunities? What will it take to create and foster more opportunities and progress?

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