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The Ultimate Mission: Empowering Veterans in Data Center Careers

May 2, 2023

While May is the official month of Military Appreciation, where we can pay tribute to the military community, at EdgeConneX, we aim to honor our veterans year-round in our EdgeConneX Salutes initiative and recognize their vital role within the data center industry.

Our exceptional group of veterans works across our global data centers in critical roles, including engineering, operations, facilities, property management, security, service delivery, solutions architecture, and account management. All are focused on delivering superior infrastructure services and exceptional customer support.

We had the opportunity to check in with Navy veterans Brian Green, EVP, Operations, Engineering and Project Management, and Don MacNeil, Chief Revenue Officer. The two discuss ‘Top Tips’ and insightful guidance aimed to help veterans as they enter the civilian workspace. Their shared experiences at the naval academy and serving on ships (which are actually ‘floating data centers’ that depend on redundant, reliable mechanical systems) eventually led them both into the telecom industry and later into the data center sector.

“The real emphasis is on people. The leadership aspect of this industry can not be understated. Because when you are in critical environments, it’s about how well you get along, how well you are able to lead, and how you can inspire your team. There are some long hours and long nights and long days. The commitment to the mission is so important.” – Brian Green, EVP, Operations, Engineering and Project Management, EdgeConneX

Over the years of working with different individuals we’ve hired, worked alongside, or even in the vendor and customer community, it’s not unusual for us to sit across the table from a fellow veteran. That always makes for a nice common experience that naturally relates to building trust. You also know that you are looking across the table from someone who understands being detailed oriented and focused on the mission.” – Don MacNeil, Chief Revenue Officer, EdgeConneX

So, how exactly do you go from working on a ship at sea to a career in the data center industry?
Join us on this journey and watch the video below:

EdgeConneX is proud to work alongside our talented veterans and encourages others to consider a career in the data center industry. Together, we are building the infrastructures of the future with today’s exceptional military talent.

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