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The Power of Collaboration and Customization  

January 3, 2024

The approach to meeting customer needs varies significantly across industries. Understanding a customer’s unique requirements is critical in the context of data center providers. A single customer in the data center industry can have diverse and sometimes seemingly contradictory requirements. For instance, a customer might require a hyperscale campus in the Asia-Pacific region, an expandable edge data center in South America, smaller far-edge premises across the U.S. and Canada, and bespoke facilities in Western Europe. While these demands could be met by signing multiple contracts with different specialized providers, experience in designing and building various types of data centers allows for more effective collaboration, faster deployments, and customized solutions. And that’s where EdgeConneX comes in.  

Phillip MarangellaAs EdgeConneX Chief Marketing and Product Officer noted in an article featured in Data Center Frontier, “Collaborating closely with customers from the earliest stages of a project enables our team to design facilities that meet our customers’ current needs while anticipating future ones. This hands-on approach can lead to more suitable site selection, innovative choices in materials and sustainability options, and foster trust and continuity across various projects. However, this does not mean adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it’s about understanding the commonalities and differences between various categories of data centers and applying lessons learned from one type to another in innovative ways.” 

Dublin data center
EdgeConneX Dublin Data Center

A key differentiator for EdgeConneX is our decade-plus of experience, allowing us to treat each market as local. We understand it’s essential to understand the commonalities and differences between disparate markets. A sustainability strategy successful in one location may not work in another, and optimal materials and cooling strategies can vary widely even between geographically closed markets. Navigating these differences requires understanding local laws, gaining municipal approvals, and meeting community expectations. Ultimately, for our customers, it’s a matter of trust. They are confident we can deliver custom-built solutions that are appropriately scaled and located, ideally suited to their purpose, surroundings, and performance. 

Learn more in this Data Center Frontier article, ‘Collaboration is Multiplication Listening and Delivering What and Where Your Customer Needs Capacity,’ as Marangella further explains EdgeConneX approach to building 100% Customer Defined Built-to-Suit Data Centers for each of our customers worldwide. 

EdgeConneX works closely with you to deliver the Capacity you Need, Where You Need it, When you Want it. Learn how to customize your data center deployment HERE.