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The Network Effect and User Experiences in Indonesia

August 3, 2023

In a recent article featured in The Jakarta Post, Managing Director for Asia Pacific, EdgeConneX, Kelvin Fong, discusses the network effect in the data center industry, specifically focusing on Indonesia. He explains that a network’s value is determined by its number of connections, and how it applies to technology, finance, social networks, and more.  

Despite Indonesia’s large digital economy with a high internet usage rate, the country’s overall data center capacity is relatively low compared to its online population. This creates a significant gap that needs to be filled to support the growing digital economy. Deploying data centers in Indonesia can provide reliable networks and facilitate improved customer experiences, reduced latency, and increased data sovereignty.  

In the article, Kelvin emphasizes the importance of flexibility for data center providers to meet various customer needs, highlighting the interconnectedness of stakeholders in the digital supply chain and their roles in enhancing the network effect and user experiences.  

“Companies build a competitive edge by offering the best user experience, and creating a growth loop where digital growth supports Indonesia’s economic growth vice versa. Data centers are essential to strengthen this loop. The true key that unlocks the network effect of an in-market data center’s fullest potential is the ability to provide its customers with the services, scale, reach, and flexibility they need.” – Kelvin Fong, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, EdgeConneX  

The article notes that flexibility has become indispensable for data center providers working with customers who are pushing forward with advanced technologies that need creative, adaptive data center solutions. Providers have to be flexible, whether they are providing high-density power for machine learning or a looking towards a smaller deployment to facilitate EV charging, data off-loads, and firmware and software updates for a new generation of cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

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