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Miami: Leading Gateway to the Americas 

July 17, 2023

Written By: Kevin Imboden

As Central and South America scale to becoming major data center destinations, it’s worth noting that the US city, long noted as a gateway to these areas, serves the same purpose for data center requirements: Miami! With plenty of subsea connectivity throughout the Caribbean and linking northward to other core US markets, Miami plays an oft-unnoticed role in the development of many emerging cities. 

The greater Miami area has developed multiple submarkets, each with its specific role in the local ecosystem. An original cluster has emerged in downtown Miami, offering abundant peering opportunities and dense connectivity to an array of local and national fiber networks. The area has emerged as a preferred choice for many small-scale deployments, seeking diverse points of presence. Another data center cluster has emerged just west of Miami International Airport, with larger footprints available to major cloud platforms, as well as those requiring a more traditional environment. A third, smaller cluster has also emerged in the far north of the metropolitan area. It benefits from its proximity to nearby cable landings, making it an ideal location for content delivery purposes serving the six million-strong local population.  

Six distinct cable landings dot the coastal areas of Miami, with 12 active cables linking the area to 27 nations and territories across the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. This extensive connectivity enables a broad swathe of options for delivering content to over 300 million people. Three further cables will be arriving throughout 2025 and 2026, leading to denser connectivity to Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama, along with other destinations along the eastern seaboard of the United States. These new systems will increase Miami’s lead as the densest landing hub in the country and place the city among global leaders for total cable access. 

Miami stands out for total undersea connectivity options and the number of international destinations from any US city, alone. Plus, further phased growth will occur over the next decade as more global firms deploy points-of-presence to access their growing regional client bases. The largest data center market in Florida looks to continue its dominance for in-state workloads and beyond. 

EdgeConneX offers two operating locations in the greater Miami area with a third site secured for development, all providing a secure, carrier-neutral environment for all deployments. 

  • Tier III design
  • Both operational locations 14 miles from downtown Miami
  • A new site planned for 19.2 MW!
  • Engineered for customers requiring the lowest possible latency

To learn more, download the EdgeConneX Miami data sheet here: Miami Datasheet

Schedule a virtual tour: https://www.edgeconnex.com/virtual-tours/ 

To tour our Miami location, please contact: info@edgeconnex.com