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Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s Green Giants Power Up For A Sustainable Future  

January 31, 2024

In a recent interview with The Edge Malaysia, Kelvin Fong, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, EdgeConneX, painted a bright future for Malaysia’s data center landscape, anticipating rapid growth, technological advancements, and a focus on sustainability.   

Malaysia’s data center sector is booming, fueled by an expanding 5G coverage and an increase in infrastructure development and connectivity. With rapid growth, also come a host of challenges, including:  

  • The need to balance increased computing power with energy efficiency and environmental sustainability 
  • Complying with evolving regulations 
  • A shortage of skilled talent 
  • The need for political stability for continuous development 
  • The need to meet ever-increasing data storage needs 

In discussing energy efficiency and sustainability, Mr. Fong highlighted, “Balancing the need for increased computing power with energy efficiency and environmental sustainability will be a continuous challenge. This may involve investing in renewable energy sources and implementing energy-efficient technologies.”  

Energy efficiency and sustainability are crucial considerations, given the colossal energy demands of data centers globally. In the interview, Mr. Fong suggested leveraging renewable energy sources, including solar power and biomass, to address these concerns. Upgrading existing data centers with energy-efficient technologies, such as advanced cooling and power distribution, and implementing sustainable building design principles are also proposed solutions. 

“These improvements will open up a transformative path for data centers, shaping an era of efficiency, sustainability, and technological advancements,” said Mr. Fong. 

To read the full article in The Edge Malaysia, please visit: https://theedgemalaysia.com/node/694835  

EdgeConneX recently announced its expansion into the Malaysian market with the announcement of three new data center campuses that will deliver nearly 300 MW of capacity combined. Located in Kuala Lumpur’s Central Business District, Bukit Jalil, and Cyberjaya, these new data centers offer our customers the ability to design highly customized configurations to meet their requirements.  

Read the EdgeConneX Malaysia expansion press release HERE.

For more information on EdgeConneX Malaysia Data Centers, please visit: https://www.edgeconnex.com/locations/asia-pacific/kl-malaysia/