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Insights into Data Center Trends and Future Sustainable Trajectories

December 3, 2023

Get ready to dive deep into the world of data centers with two engaging podcasts you shouldn’t miss featuring Brian Green, EdgeConneX Executive Vice President of Operations, Engineering & Project Management. 

Brian GreenFirst, Brian spoke with Matt Vincent, editor-in-chief of Data Center Frontier, shedding light on how the data center sector is evolving to meet the needs of a more environmentally conscious era. In this podcast, the two take you on a journey into the heart of renewable energy’s role in data centers, discussing data center operations, sustainable implementations and deployments, and ways to operationalize renewables in the data center. Listen as these industry experts provide insights into how the industry is evolving to meet the demands of a greener future. Brian explains how he, along with EdgeConneX team, are big believers in the motto: “Together, we can innovate for good”.

Next, dive into the Inside Data Centre podcast, with a compelling narrative that explores the intersection between people, the planet, and technology. In this episode with host, Andy Davis, Brian shares his perspective on balancing customer needs, employee well-being, environmental sustainability, and creating opportunities in the data center sector for veterans. As Brian noted: “A key passion at EdgeConneX is recruiting veterans and it is an extension of our global mission: Customers, People, Planet. We are dedicated to our customers, we are very much dedicated to our people and taking care of our planet. EdgeConneX really appealed to me because it was a natural fit to support veterans and I also like what we are trying to do for the environment.”

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just curious about the data center industry, these podcasts provide valuable insights into its current trends and future directions. Both discussions underscore the importance of maintaining equilibrium in an industry as dynamic as it is critical. So, plug in your headphones and prepare for an enlightening audio experience!