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How an Ecosystem at the Edge Enables Enterprises to Achieve Digital Transformation

December 9, 2021

In a recent report, Accenture noted that 76% of business leaders surveyed agree current business models will be unrecognizable in the next five years — ecosystems will be the main change agent. However, ecosystem benefits as they relate to digital transformation, and more specifically, cloud implementation, may not be obvious.

In this Data Center Frontier article, 1+1+1>3 When It’s a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Ecosystem at the Edge, EdgeConneX CMO, Phillip Marangella, breaks down how a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the Edge helps enterprises overcome those challenges by delivering:

blog title graphic• Hybrid flexibility – to run some workloads on-premises, some in private cloud, and some in public clouds

• Multi-cloud agility – to choose the right cloud for the right workload in the right place

• Ecosystem choice – to choose from best-of-breed providers that can help optimize the cloud journey with an integrated cloud solution

• At the Edge proximity – a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem local to the enterprise that yields both the optimal low latency performance and cost savings benefits

Your customers want the cloud to be easy, economical, and fast. It is, when it’s a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the Edge. For now, being part of that ecosystem is a competitive differentiator for service providers. Soon it will be table stakes.

Marangella notes that service providers of all types looking to join a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the Edge should consider the following:

Is it in the right place? The goal of a data center solution provider is to help our service provider customers connect with and service their end users. The data center is the enabler, and its location and scale are driven not by dots on a map but by customer demand. So the ‘right place’ might be Ashburn, but it might also be Barcelona.

Is the timing right? It’s no secret that speed is the name of the game when it comes to serving the exponentially increasing demand for data center capacity. For data center providers, doing that well requires a combination of scalable capacity on the ground and the ability to rapidly develop new greenfield facilities.

Is the configuration right? Many people still think of the Edge as a small or micro data center, and certainly that’s true in some cases. But the Edge can also be a hyperscale campus. It’s not defined by the size of the deployment. From 100kW to 100MW, an Edge data center is whatever size is necessary to best serve end users’ needs and give service providers the scale to meet that demand in real time.

The hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the Edge offers service providers proximity to more customers in more places who are looking for the tools to make their cloud migration and digital transformation easier, more feature rich, and more economical.

Read the entire article for more considerations and to gain additional insights on how 1+1+1 truly is truly greater than 3 when it comes to hybrid multi-cloud ecosystems at the Edge.