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Earth Day 2023

Greener Together

April 19, 2023

The EdgeConneX team understands that caring for our planet is more than just a responsibility; it is a necessity. Climate change, carbon emissions, deforestation, pollution, and depletion of natural resources continue to threaten the health of our planet. As a result, companies worldwide are embracing solutions to help offset these global challenges and protect the environment. Across our global team, EdgeConneX cares for our planet because it’s not only important to our customers but also the right thing to do.

With a mission predicated around Customers, People, and Planet, we aim to do our part to take care of mother earth and demonstrate our commitment to sustainable practices. Our priority is to improve our data center footprint, deploy more creative universal and market-specific solutions, and be good neighbors to the communities around our facilities.  

As we continue to expand and grow, EdgeConneX is taking steps to become more sustainable, diverse and eco-friendlier in all facets of the company: from deeply assessing the impact(s) of our data centers and the communities they serve all the way down to exchanging office supplies with sustainable alternatives, we intend to learn, lead and adapt as we evolve together. 

Over and above implementing our sustainable practices, we believe in supporting our client’s sustainability goals within their operations. Therefore, we work closely with our customers to understand their sustainability requirements and incorporate them into their customized data center solutions, which can, in turn, achieve cost savings, and reduction in carbon footprints and serve to meet their overall environmental goals.  

Earth-Friendly Perspectives

As the world grapples with environmental challenges, the industry’s collective efforts are vital to combating these challenges. EdgeConneX is a member of several industry associations that promote sustainable practices, such as The RE100 Climate Group and iMasons Climate Accord. Through these associations, we can lend our voices to champion sustainable practices and advocate for regulatory frameworks that support environmental sustainability.  

This year’s theme for World Environment Day is Solutions to Beat Plastic Pollution. EdgeConneX supports these types of global efforts, recently utilizing eco-friendly, reusable water bottles with bamboo lids at a recent ALL Hands Global conference. This effort saved using 500 bottles over a 1 week period of time and will be duplicated going forward. Collective efforts big and small can make a difference!

As responsible stewards of the environment, we understand the importance of conserving natural resources in each region where we build a facility. We also invest in community outreach programs to enhance local communities quality of life and protect the environment—our team volunteers across their locales in activities such as trash pick-ups, cleaning beaches, and planting trees.  

We’ve also participated in Host In Ireland’s DCs for Bees event in Loudoun County, VA, aimed to help save the declining bee population. The group built 25 raised beds and planted them with organic vegetation to support biodiversity and increase pollination.  You can learn more HERE

The Power of Green

EdgeConneX has taken an active role in promoting and practicing sustainability. We leverage innovation to develop data center builds that maximize energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and minimize water consumption. We also use renewable power measures such as solar and wind energy to power some of our facilities. In addition, we have adopted a comprehensive approach that considers environmental sustainability in our business decisions and practices sustainable procurement of products, goods, and services. From innovative power solutions in energy-constrained regions to water conservation and filtration solutions deployed to minimize data center impacts on local water resources, such efforts have enabled us to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our environmental impact.  

We work with local municipalities, regulators, and leading energy companies to design and develop custom, eco-friendly solutions for generating electricity that requires no supply from the local grid.  


EdgeConneX believes caring for our planet is more than a checkbox exercise. Instead, it is a responsibility that all companies can embrace to address these global challenges. Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in many ways, from our customized data center builds, leveraging innovation, implementing renewable power measures, and being good stewards of the resources in each region we build a facility.  

As we celebrate Earth Day 2023, we call on other companies to join us in adopting sustainable practices and meaningful collaboration to safeguard our planet’s health for generations.