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For Veterans By Veterans: Building the Digital Infrastructures of the Future

May 9, 2023

We are proud to work alongside our many talented veterans who serve an important role in EdgeConneX success. Their exceptional skills, including critical thinking, adaptability, teamwork, passion for excellence, discipline, and precision, are ideally suited for the data center space. We are grateful for the chance to hear from more of our EdgeConneX veterans in our For Veterans By Veterans series who share their words of wisdom for veterans who are transitioning from the military into the workforce.    

EdgeConneX Navy veteran Brian Green, EVP, Operations, Engineering, and Project Management, sat down with Edison Obregon, Manager of Property Management and Corporal of Marines (and who is still actively serving in the United States Marine Corps). 

Tune in to their Top Tips video to hear:  

  • Words of wisdom and encouragement for veterans considering a data center career.  
  • Brian’s thoughts on leadership and how to make a difference and real impact in your career.  
  • How Edison leverages his Marine Corps and EdgeConneX data center experiences to help Junior Marines fresh out of boot camp and Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) training.    

Some sage advice from Edison, “First and foremost, no matter what you will do with your life – take Extreme Ownership. The Marine Corps has a mission solely focused on accomplishing its mission. That leaves the Extreme Ownership up to each individual marine to take the initiative over their career. If you want to get that next rank, or if you are looking for a promotion, it is up to each marine to make that happen. It’s completely up to you to take the initiative and to go above and beyond.”   

Edison explained how this mindset also directly ties into the workforce, “EdgeConneX has its mission – Customers, People, and Planet. The company has the resources to help its employees, but it is up to each employee, contractor, intern, and those looking for a job to go above and beyond to make that mission happen.” 

Get inspired!

As Edison noted, “Everything I am talking about is about excellence. Having Extreme Ownership, an above-and-beyond mentality, and excellence. That is as simple as being on time, making a proper greeting of the day when talking to your leadership team, showing good judgment, dependability, good initiative, having integrity, and taking notes as leaders speak. The qualities that you used in the military are very effective in a work environment. Take advantage of them, and this will make you stand out.”   

Brian agreed: “Take Extreme Ownership and accountability – marry those with extreme focus and purpose. If you are constantly thinking about what you want to do and things that interest you – it can be so powerful. That accountability rests 100% on what you can control. Every single interaction that you have is an opportunity. The opportunity is in front of you, and you can take it anywhere. If you do, it’s amazing what happens.” 

Some of the things Brian loved about his time in the military include the camaraderie, the energy and realizing they are all in this together. He noted, “We can all find fun, meaning, and purpose in what we are doing, and this transforms your personal experience and transforms the experience in the lives of others. To have the opportunity to do that at EdgeConneX has been amazing.” 

Edison summed it up beautifully: “Get after it, put in the work, show dedication. Everyday make yourself 1% better. It’s that simple.”

Check out their full discussion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldUP3lQhF_k

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