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Exascale Data Centers: The Gigawatt Era

February 7, 2024

The evolution of data center development, propelled by the surge in cloud services, artificial intelligence, and digital media, has seen demand persistently surpassing supply. However, as the requirements for high-performance computing continue to grow, they are beginning to outstrip even the capabilities of hyperscale data center campuses, which typically offer between 20MW and 50MW of power. This burgeoning need by tech giants and other major players in advanced technology has given rise to Exascale data campuses capable of providing over 500MW of power, marking the advent of the gigawatt era. Learn more from Phillip Marangella, EdgeConneX Chief Marketing and Product Officer in his Data Center Frontier article, Exascale: Super-Powered Data Centers Scale Up.

Phillip MarangellaAs Phillip, noted, this dynamic also necessitates adopting new tools and innovative power generation and storage strategies. Exascale data centers represent a significant leap forward in capacity, offering the potential for more efficient operations and more significant economies of scale. As we move deeper into the digital age, these supercharged facilities will play an increasingly crucial role in powering our data-driven world.

Exascale data centers offer several benefits, including better economies of scale for on-site or nearby power generation, more efficient power utilization, high-density solutions for increased computing power, effective management of carbon emissions, water usage, and waste diversion, and the ability to merge integrated Cloud & AI factories. Despite Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) numbers flattening in recent years [the lower the PUE, the more efficient a facility is], exascale deployments present opportunities to re-accelerate improved power efficiency trends. These designs utilize cleaner, more efficient technologies to enhance water usage, heat dissipation, waste diversion, and carbon emissions across a facility’s entire lifecycle.

The rise in data center capacity and demand also requires a new approach to address the power needed to support hyperscale and exascale roll-outs. Innovations in on-site or near-site power generation can provide more efficient and economical solutions in the exascale model, offering reliability against potential spikes or outages. As high-performance computing technologies introduce a new scale of demand, exascale data centers can empower these services quickly, cleanly, and reliably in growing global markets.

Read the full Data Center Frontier article here: Exascale: Super-Powered Data Centers Scale Up.

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