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Empowering Women Engineers in Data Centers

June 22, 2023

International Women in Engineering Day is celebrated around the world on June 23rd, recognizing women’s numerous achievements and contributions in the engineering field. This day serves as a reminder of the importance of gender diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields and highlights the need for more women engineers across various sectors.  

Throughout history, women have been involved in engineering, despite facing limited opportunities and gender discrimination. The admission of women to higher education institutions did not occur until the early 1800s and their access was initially restricted to specific fields. However, notable women like Elizabeth Bragg, the first female recipient of a civil engineering degree from the University of Berkeley in 1876, and Ada Lovelace, who contributed to the design of the first computer program, have paved the way for future generations. However, while women engineers have come a long way, men dominate the sector.  

The most recent Science and Engineering Indicators report (2022) indicated that women in the United States represented about 34% of all STEM workers in 2019. This percentage is even lower in the data center industry. According to the Uptime Institute report in 2021, the proportion of women in the data center industry remains low, and more than three-quarters of data center operators surveyed report that their workforce is around 10% women or less.  

The underrepresentation of women in engineering and STEM fields is a longstanding issue that requires attention. Encouraging women to pursue careers in engineering, starting from a young age, is vital to bridging this gender gap.   

We are very proud of our women engineers at EdgeConneX, and our partners AdaniConneX, Chayora, and Burr Computer Environments (BCEI).   

Women engineers are crucial in data centers due to their unique skills and perspectives. They excel in collaboration, communication, and problem-solving, addressing complex challenges through multidisciplinary approaches. Plus, gender diversity has been linked to improved organizational performance and innovation. By building a more inclusive workforce, data centers can enhance innovation, organizational performance, and employee satisfaction, creating a more inclusive and successful work environment.  

Together, we can build a future where women’s contributions to data centers and other STEM and engineering fields are valued and celebrated. 

Learn more about this talented group in this video HERE

If you are an engineer and are keen on joining the data center sector, connect with our talented women engineers to better understand the sector, knowledge you will need to build and opportunities in the sector.  

Jai Huntley, EdgeConneX
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Krystyna Witt, EdgeConneX
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Kellie Dinkelman, EdgeConneX
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Farah Aziz, BCEI
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Farah Aziz, Burr Computer Environments (BCEI) 

These are easy to read, informative online publications. They post news and about new developments in the data center industry.