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Service Providers: Empower Your Edge

September 9, 2021

Whether you provide XaaS or cloud access solutions or managed services, or some other kind of cloud service, a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge enables you to deliver the kind of cloud your customers need: easy, economical, and fast.

That’s the premise of our newest interactive EdgeBook, The Cloud is Better at the Edge (service provider edition). You can get the highlights here, but check out the full animated version as well.

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Enterprises are taking a bold new approach to solve cloud challenges

Digital transformation is a top priority for your customers, but traditional cloud architecture poses tough performance, cost, security, and expertise challenges. Those challenges are why 62% of cloud migration projects are reported as “very difficult” or “failing.”

Enterprises are solving cloud challenges by taking a bold new approach. They’re relying on a hybrid multi-cloud with an ecosystem of solutions and support at the edge to get cloud that is flexible, fast, secure, and cost-effective.

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The hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge can be your competitive advantage

Competitive edge for cloud & IT service providers

Being part of the hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge – being in close proximity to your customers at their local edge, or accessible through a cloud gateway data center at the edge – is essential to delivering the high-performance, low-latency service enterprise customers increasingly expect.

Competitive edge for cloud access providers

Bringing the public cloud to the enterprise edge can generate huge cost savings for your customers. It’s not about being the lowest-cost provider; it’s about cutting the distance between the enterprise edge and the cloud. EdgeConneX data centers offer proximity to the enterprises you want to work with, enabling you to connect them to the cloud services they need.

Competitive edge for MSPs

Cost savings and improved security are table stakes, so differentiation requires delivering value in other ways. Being at the edge where your customers are – with an ecosystem of solutions – could be that differentiator. It’s an opportunity to stand out in an increasingly crowded market and become enterprises’ trusted source for cloud expertise.

Why EdgeConneX

Though not the only data center provider with an ecosystem, EdgeConneX is the only provider with a proven track record of bringing the hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem local to your customers – in the right place, at the right time, in the right configuration. And it’s the kind of capacity you need – connected, sustainable, and automated – to deliver for your customers efficiently and effectively.

In the interactive EdgeBook, dive into the various components of the hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge. Get lots more detail on how you can enable your customers to overcome the impediments to cloud adoption – and in doing so, secure your own competitive advantage.

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