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EdgeConneX Impact on Malaysia’s Digital Transformation 

December 18, 2023

In a W.Media Studio Interview at the Malaysia Datacenter and Cloud Convention, Sam Lee, Managing Director, Market & Commercial Development, Asia Pacific, for EdgeConneX, shared how EdgeConneX investment and focus on strategic sites in Malaysia have positioned it as a critical player in the country’s digital transformation.  

Strategic Investment in Malaysia 

EdgeConneX has substantially committed to Malaysia’s digital transformation by investing in strategic sites across Kuala Lumpur Central Business District (CBD), Bukit Jalil, and Cyberjaya.  

Lee also shared that EdgeConneX approach involves: 

  • Close collaboration with customers 
  • Facilitating customers’ expansions into desired markets 
  • Playing a pivotal role in accelerating the growth of digital infrastructure within the region  

The commitment to Malaysia resonates with EdgeConneX vision and aligns with the Malaysian government’s goals for fostering digital innovation and developing essential infrastructure. 

Fostering Digital Transformation 

The government’s investment in telecommunications infrastructure and cloud adoption has facilitated a conducive environment for private sector engagement. By fostering transparency and a clear understanding of laws, the government has helped businesses mitigate long-term risks and enhance customer trust. This demonstrates the collaborative public-private efforts to drive the digital transformation agenda. 

Addressing Market Constraints in the Region 

Data center builds are increasingly subject to strict regulations in Singapore, which has benefited the region regarding the outflow of data center demand. Lee highlighted how the investment in Malaysia enables EdgeConneX to navigate these challenges effectively and showcase its strategic agility and market foresight through a ‘Singapore plus strategy.’  

Challenges and Opportunities in Malaysia 

Lee also shared that each EdgeConneX location – KL Central Business District, Bukit Jalil and Cyberjaya – presents different opportunities for customers. Securing land, power, and capacity in locations like Bukit Jalil and Cyberjaya offers opportunities to scale up and access greater capacity, while the central areas offer access to the city. EdgeConneX is focused on shortening development timelines, and investing in skilled labor, reinforcing the commitment to building a successful data center business in Malaysia. 

Our commitment to Malaysia’s digital transformation is evident through our strategic investment, adaptability to market constraints, and focus on talent acquisition. Our collaborative approach with the government and targeted site expansions positions us as a key player in shaping Malaysia’s digital future.  

 Watch the full video HERE. 

For more information on EdgeConneX Malaysia, visit: https://www.edgeconnex.com/locations/asia-pacific/kl-malaysia/