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Delivering Agility: Built To Order Data Centers

October 2, 2019

From Data Center Frontier

EdgeConneX Build to Order Data Center

Right Place, Right Time, Right Size: Edge Solutions Take Shape

“In essence, the objective of the Build-to-Order data center solution is to work with customers to design and deliver the Edge — rapidly, purpose-built and uncompromising in whatever shape it needs to be — and in any city, region, country or continent they may require as their business growth demands.”

In this ‘Voices of the Industry’ post, Phillip Marangella, CMO of EdgeConnex, highlights the challenges of a one-size-fits-all approach to computing infrastructure, and the opportunities that emerge with responsive, build-to-order data center solutions, from Hyperlocal to Hyperscale, and anything in between:

Agility and flexibility – executives around the world go to great lengths to bring these qualities to their businesses, particularly as it relates to their digital transformation initiatives. However, companies can only be as nimble as their computing infrastructures will allow. Consequently, those shifting the boundaries of the Internet through Edge computing need solutions that can take shape quickly and go wherever they demand.

Here’s the challenge these companies often face – choosing from among the already established product and service portfolios of data center providers. Here, finding the right pre-existing location with the right power, space, cooling and connectivity options can be a rigid process and ultimately elusive. This goes against the need for agile, flexible solutions that are totally customized for unique operations.

EdgeConneX Build-to-Order Edge solutions offer rapid data center deployment capabilities that help enable organizations to grow and adjust quickly to internal changes or external market forces without missing a beat.

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