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A Call to Action on World Nature Conservation Day

July 27, 2023

Every year on July 28th, the world celebrates World Nature Conservation Day. The day serves as a poignant reminder to individuals, organizations, and governments worldwide about the critical importance of environmental protection and adopting sustainable practices.  

On this day, people participate in activities such as tree planting, clean-up drives, and awareness campaigns to contribute to conservation efforts. With a shared commitment to these global initiatives, the data center industry is dedicated to making a tangible impact and reducing carbon footprints. Recognizing the crucial role that data centers play in our digital lives, the industry can generate a significant impact by adopting sustainable practices and actively reducing their carbon footprint. This way, data centers can contribute to shaping a greener future while simultaneously meeting society’s constantly expanding digital needs. 

To support these goals, EdgeConneX works closely with Host in Ireland’s DCs for Bees initiative, the world’s first data center pollinator plan. The industry is dedicated to combating the decline of bee populations by planting orchards. Orchards in the community aims to provide struggling bees with a food source as they emerge from winter.  Orchards are crucial for bee conservation as they provide abundant nectar and pollen. Bees, as key contributors to the pollination of crops, play an essential role in ensuring successful fruit production and supporting global food production. EdgeConneX has donated 315 fruit trees (63 orchards) to DCs for Bees to boost the fragile bee population and participated in planting flower beds at a local farm. These flower beds help to build up the bee population and help grow more crops.  

EdgeConneX Laura Reyes, Eric Anderson, Gary Avery, and Elizabeth Johnson showed their support by helping to build bee beds at a local farm near headquarters in Herndon, VA. These bee beds help to increase the bee population and grow more crops for those in need.  

At the recent 9th-anniversary celebration of the DCs for Bees initiative, Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing, and Product Officer, EdgeConneX, received a plaque commemorating the company’s support for DCs for Bees – Orchards in the Community. This recognition highlights the dedication and impact of EdgeConneX contributions to bee conservation and environmental responsibility. By actively supporting initiatives like DCs for Bees, data center companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and preserving the natural world.

DCs for Bees AwardOn World Nature Conservation Day, we acknowledge the critical role that data centers play in our digital lives and the collective need for environmental responsibility.  

The DCs for Bees initiative is a remarkable example of how the data center industry can actively contribute to conservation efforts. Together, we can build a greener future while preserving our natural resources for generations.