The Internet of Everywhere requires a highly diverse and distributed content and cloud architecture, with the network edge extended beyond traditional major peering hubs to ensure the service quality and experience expected by today’s enterprises and consumers”.
–Clint Heiden, Chief Commercial Officer, EdgeConneX

Proximity Matters

For Applications
For Workloads
For Clouds
For Your Business

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to proliferate at record levels, so too must its infrastructure evolve to support security and performance. EdgeConneX is the world’s trusted Edge Data Center® innovator, providing the infrastructure required for the fastest, most reliable and most secure delivery of content, applications, and cloud services to end users. Each Edge Data Center is the nexus of a robust partner ecosystem where customers can leverage a unique and complete collection of local cloud resources tailored to individual markets. Our EDC partners include network connectivity, cloud migration and integration, security and monitoring, and hardware to name a few.

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For Enterprises:

As more and more IT departments migrate everything from testing and development to production workloads to the cloud, the need to mitigate latency is as important as ever. Gartner notes, “IT leaders and cloud architects face increasing network complexity as cloud assets and interconnections between disparate providers and services are added to the IT portfolio. Networking performance is critical to application performance, but WAN costs can be inhibitive.”

The solution is proximity—and it’s innovated by EdgeConneX. Cloud services and applications are moved closer to the enterprise itself, meaning business critical issues including performance, security, and cost are all greatly improved.

For Cloud Service Providers:

Cloud infrastructure, platforms, and software all achieve optimal performance when physically located closer to end-users. As such, cloud service providers should scale deployments beyond existing core markets—to the Edge.

EdgeConneX enables cloud service providers to overcome common barriers to adoption for enterprises including latency, security, performance, and economics. Cloud service providers that replicate their large deployments in smaller clusters with EdgeConneX Edge Data Centers have a hub and spoke architecture tiered to support varying application requirements including performance, proximity, and security. By developing a globally distributed architecture for their cloud services, providers can reach more enterprises, ensure premium quality service and experiences, and capture a greater share of customer IT spend. 


Private Cloud On-ramp

Modern enterprise IT departments demand network and connectivity innovation, or their cloud solutions will fall flat. Simply put, standard public Internet access no longer satisfies all the requirements of their mission critical applications. And increased cloud adoption means network service providers are also experiencing new, significant demand for direct cloud access from SMB customers. Proximity and local access is more important than ever—particularly in markets serving the Edge of the network. 

EdgeConneX recognizes these growing challenges, and has partnered with global cloud providers—including Amazon Web Services—enabling cloud on-ramps that deliver enterprise-level cloud solvency.

Elastic Cloud Switching Fabrics

Available in select Edge Data Center locations, enterprise customers can plan, manage, and provision interconnection capacity in real time through fully automated SDN (Software Defined Networking) platforms. Enterprises can instantly access their cloud, network carriers, and content service providers through an online portal, allowing elastic, on-demand consumption of cloud services. Virtual cross connects are enabled in minutes, aligning with the speed and agility often needed by customers leveraging the cloud.

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