Jan 16 2018 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX® Expands to South America, Announcing the First Edge Data Center® in Buenos Aires
Nov 14 2017 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX Joins Dutch Data Center Association
Oct 24 2017 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX and Faction Partner to Deliver Multi-Cloud Service Offerings at the Edge
Oct 11 2017 Herndon, VA
Cloudflare Deploys Video Streaming Service Enabled by EdgeConneX® Global Edge Data Centers®
Sep 26 2017 Herndon, VA
Community IX’s FL-IX Deploys Node in the EdgeConneX Miami-01 Edge Data Center
Sep 20 2017 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX Announces Partnership with PacketFabric to Bring Next-Gen Networking to Edge Data Centers®
Sep 13 2017 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX Continues International Expansion, Announcing New Toronto Edge Data Center
Sep 6 2017 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX® and Cedexis Announce Whitepaper Demonstrating Performance Benefits of Caching and Cloud Connectivity at the Network Edge
Aug 31 2017 Herndon, VA
Community IX’s CIX-ATL Deploys Node in the EdgeConneX Atlanta Edge Data Center®
Aug 22 2017 Herndon, VA
Sacramento Internet Exchange Deploys Node in the EdgeConneX Sacramento Edge Data Center®
Aug 10 2017 Herndon, VA
Richmond Internet Exchange Deploys Node in the EdgeConneX® Richmond Edge Data Center®
Aug 1 2017 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX and Enterprise Strategy Group Release Solution Showcase Demonstrating Security Benefits of the Network Edge
Jul 27 2017 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX Becomes Founding Partner of Infrastructure Masons
Jul 11 2017 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX and Telia Carrier Partner to Enhance Internet Accessibility and End-User Experience Globally
Jun 20 2017 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX® and Megaport Partner to Enable Elastic Cloud Connectivity to the Edge in Three More Markets
Apr 25 2017 Herndon, VA
Detroit Internet Exchange Partners with EdgeConneX®, Offering Direct Route Connectivity With Reduced Latency to Detroit Metro Area
Apr 19 2017 Herndon, VA
NL-ix Establishes Point of Presence at EdgeConneX Edge Data Center in Amsterdam
Apr 5 2017 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX® Partners with the Salt Lake Internet eXchange, Offering Connectivity to 10+ Unique Networks
Jan 30 2017 Herndon, VA
New EdgeConneX® Edge Data Center® in Miami Focuses on Interconnection Relief to South and Latin America with a Transparent Business Model
Jan 13 2017 Herndon, VA
Megaport to Deploy Its Elastic Interconnection Fabric in EdgeConneX® Edge Data Centers® Globally
Dec 13 2016 Herndon, VA
Conviva and EdgeConneX® Release Comcast Network Performance Study in New Whitepaper
Nov 14 2016 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX® Joins the Telecom Infra Project
Oct 24 2016 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX® Partners With Electric Lightwave to Create First Edge Landing Station for Domestic Subsea Cables
Sep 12 2016 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX and Phoenix-IX Partner, Building Node into the Phoenix Edge Data Center
Jul 26 2016 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX®, Comcast Business, Datapipe and Megaport Partner to Bring the Cloud Local to Boston Enterprises
Jul 25 2016 Dublin, Ireland
EdgeConneX Joins Host in Ireland as Strategic Partner
Jun 13 2016 Herndon, VA
Console Deploys Its Enterprise Software and Interconnection Platform in the EdgeConneX® Detroit Edge Data Center®
May 16 2016 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX® Launches Portland Edge Data Center® Cloud Ecosystem with Industry-Leading Partners
May 9 2016 Herndon, VA
Megaport Deploys Its Elastic Interconnection Fabric in the EdgeConneX® Portland Edge Data Center®
May 2 2016 Herndon, VA
Amazon Web Services Direct Connect Now Available in the EdgeConneX Portland Edge Data Center®
Apr 1 2016
Lumos Networks Lights up EdgeConneX’s Edge Data Center in Norfolk, VA
Mar 8 2016 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX® and DQE Communications Partner to Bring Faster, More Resilient Connectivity and Internet Access to Pittsburgh
Feb 23 2016 Herndon, VA
Case Study Explores Improved Cloud Security and Performance Results from EdgeConneX® and Electric Lightwave™ Partnership
Feb 16 2016 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX®, Comcast and GREATER MSP Partner to Bring Next Generation Edge Data Center® to Minneapolis–St. Paul Region
Jan 25 2016 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX® Announces Findings From Webinar on Improved Internet Performance via Edge Infrastructure Deployments
Jan 19 2016 Herndon, VA
EdgeConneX® Launches International Expansion with First European Edge Data Center® in Amsterdam
Jan 11 2016 Herndon, VA
FCC Data Analyzed by SamKnows Shows That EdgeConneX® Localized Infrastructure Improves Internet Performance