Success Stories

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We found EdgeConneX a very valuable partner for us and expect growth of our business in the future. In relation to growing performance demands, security and liability, cooperation in executing our Edge strategy is on a very high level.

Daniel Jasinski, Managing Director at RETN Poland Sp z o.o.

With technologies such as IoT and 5G proliferating rapidly, more than half of enterprise-created data will be generated outside of traditional data centres and outside of the cloud within the next three years, up from just 10% today. Having an edge strategy, and how it will integrate into your IT infrastructure, is a requirement.

Nigel Meacham, Unitas Global

Enterprises need to start thinking about an Edge strategy to complement their Cloud strategies, which means connectivity will play a more important role than ever in the Enterprises of tomorrow.

Ed Smith, Head of Europe, Megaport