In order to meet our aggressive goals, we needed a partner who could quickly scale to our needs, and in a cost effective manner. EdgeConneX delivered with wireless deployments that better meet our customer’s requirements”.
–One of the nations largest wireless carriers

Wireless Carriers

Any device.

We’ve already seen an explosion of smartphones and mobile devices tied to end users who demand high-quality experiences over the Internet, and it’s only the beginning. We live in an evolving world, and content creators will continue to publish increasing amounts of data via new devices that can be used anywhere, and are capable of downloading any size or type of content. This increase in data, especially video, has congested a once-powerful network designed to handle billions of phone calls. The network must evolve to handle digital content.

The solution lies in installing countless small cells to off-load the existing networks, and EdgeConneX is at the forefront of delivering this solution where you need it most. By doing so, digital content and video are available to the consumer as instantaneously as they expect. Drawing on over 20 years of leadership in the wireless market, EdgeConneX has created an incredibly cost-effective small cell solution that helps to solve many of the challenges confronting wireless carriers.

EdgeConneX is addressing this massive shift in wireless infrastructure by offering solutions that reduce both cost and site visibility, while optimizing network backhaul. We have already implemented backhaul and small cell solutions to 3,000 sites nationwide, making us one of the largest suppliers of a technology package that will bring immediate benefits to your customers, while preparing you to handle the future of digital content.


Designs, builds and maintains reliable turn-key small cell deployments utilizing a standard architecture across all sites nationwide

Physical deployment can integrate into the natural aesthetics of a building (inside or outside) or a natural environment, and can be hidden on existing power lines or telephone poles

Business is enhanced and backed by our extensive experience in maximizing success, turn-up times, revenue and customer satisfaction

Small cell implementation and usage creates statewide and regional partnership opportunities with EdgeConneX

Facilitates cost-effective backhaul alternatives

Easy site selection is accomplished through our proprietary database (RIO: Edge Site Locator) of 150,000 towers, 4 million buildings, 65,000 pre-negotiated and 8,000 pre-surveyed cell sites

Improves speed to deployment and reduced risk are facilitated through nationally standardized processes