When it comes to satisfying our customers, closing the sale is just the beginning. Quick, efficient installation is where we have a real opportunity to satisfy our customers and shareholders. By partnering with EdgeConneX, we have access to over 10,000 buildings with pre-negotiated entry rights and permits, allowing us to dramatically improve our quote to revenue time”.
–-Brian Crotty, COO of Broadview Networks

Network & Cable Operators

Any Content.

EdgeConneX  is redefining the way content is delivered to end users. Our solutions are the result of direct collaboration with some of the leading network and cable operators in the United States; this has allowed us to solve some of the most pressing content issues facing our customers today. As digital content continues on its rapidly evolving, inevitable path toward high-density OTT and streaming, the network is becoming saturated and overburdened.

Our purpose-built Edge Data Centers address the needs of the local market and executes on cost-effective solutions that allow even the richest content to be experienced exactly how it was intended: effortlessly and efficiently. There isn’t a better value proposition for your customers.

From data centers at the edge of the network that bring your relevant content as close to the end user as possible, to lighting up a building and giving you access to every tenant on every floor, to small cell services that deliver the best mobile experiences, EdgeConneX can help you gain the loyalty your brand and content deserve.


Optimally sized colocation facilities are built at key network and cable operator locations, and are uniquely designed according to their input and specifications

Costs are reduced by offloading backbone traffic, mitigating performance-related outages and eliminating complex routing policies

Our expert project management team partners with network and cable operators to identify the most relevant and appropriate Edge Data Center sites, allowing instant delivery of bandwidth-intensive applications such as OTT and on-demand video

High-value digital content is monetized by optimizing delivery and distribution, while enabling unmatched digital experiences that ensure the highest audience retention and new customer adoption

Edge Wireless solutions facilitate cost-effective backhaul alternatives

Our flexible model creates solutions for both in-building and outdoor projects over any geographic area, while addressing all associated power and backhaul complexities

Offers unparalleled contracted access to over 65,000 cellular sites and 10,000 buildings in our portfolio, with the ability to negotiate access to almost any other building in the United States